How Youtube Was Created & Its Rapid Growth
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How Youtube Was Created & Its Rapid Growth YOUTUBE TIMELINE Learn All About YouTube Video Marketing. YouTube Marketing Tips YouTube Facts Amazing ArticleHow YouTube Was Created & Its Rapid Growth

How YouTube Was Created. YouTube is Growth day 1 to present include plenty of dates data and major accomplishments events. The YouTube which we know today is starkly different as compared to the earlier version of the website. YouTube over the years has changed a lot and that is why these days it is one of the most popular websites on the Internet.  However, it was not always so.

We would today highlight some of the historical aspects of YouTube.


14th February 2005:
– This is the date on which Chad Hurley, the original owner of YouTube registered the domain as well as logo and trademark of YouTube.

The idea was almost one year in the making.

Beta site in 2005:
– The 1st version of the site was launched in May of  2005. It was pretty basic one.

1st video:
– The 1st video was posted on April 23, 2005.

– It was posted by a co-founder of YouTube.

– The video was titled “Me At The Zoo”. True to its name, it was only the co-founder standing in front of the elephants at the zoo.

– It was just a 19 seconds long video.

1st viral video:
– The 1st viral video was uploaded on September of 2005.

– It had 1 million views.

– It was an advertisement which was uploaded by Nike.

Official Launch:
– Youtube came out of its beta version on December 15, 2005.

– The homepage of the website was pretty basic on3.

– Over the years, the homepage has changed significantly.

– During the official launch, YouTube was able to raise over $ 3.5 million from Sequoia Capital. This helped them in improving the servers and increasing the bandwidth of the website.

Deal with NBC:
– They were able to link a deal with NBC in zone 2006.

– After that, they received a bunch of unique content as well.

Google acquires YouTube:
– In November of 2006, Google acquired YouTube for a total of $ 1.65 billion.

YouTube Partner program:
– In order to generate a unique content for its platform, YouTube opened up the YouTube Partner program on May of 2007.

– This brought in a bunch of fresh content for you too.

Advertisement rollout:
– In August of 2007, YouTube finally decide that the platform was ready for advertising.

– They started rolling out the 1st advertisements.

Renting movies on YouTube:
– On January of 2010, YouTube started renting selected movies.

– This was the 1st step in evolving from an amateur video website to actual content platform.

 YouTube signed up with a lot of companies like:

-Warner Bros

Live videos:
– YouTube live started on Novemeber 22, 2008.

– It initially covered concerts as well as an event launching ceremonies.

1st billion views video:
– The 1st billion views video was of Gangnam Style. It took 5 months for the video to reach those views.

So, if you are looking for some important landmarks, in YouTube history, these are the most iconic moments.


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