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The Top 5 Social Networks… When you look at the different social networks these days, you would understand that there are quite a few of them. Instead of just thinking that there are only a couple of social networks, you have to look at the different social networks and the purpose for which they were created. Once you’re able to look at them, it becomes easier for you to understand which social network you can use for which purpose. We would today share with you the top 5 social networks and the purposes for which the social networks are constantly being used.

1. Facebook:
There is no debate for the 1st to top the list. Facebook is the largest social network till date. Also,the number of users on Facebook keeps on increasing, you can be sure that it is bound to remain the most famous social network for a pretty long period of time.

Moreover, the management of Facebook is always proactive. Due to this very reason, Facebook is ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting the user trends.

That is why Facebook is slated for a pretty long time.

2. Twitter:
We all use Twitter on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes, we use twitter in order to communicate with each other on a quicker basis. This is another reason why Twitter becomes famous.

2. Instagram:
Facebook recently bought Instagram as well. From the creator this is community-based, you can be sure that Instagram is the fastest growing social network. Since the management of Facebook and Instagram is same, you can be sure that it would grow up a lot bigger.

4. YouTube:
With the subscription feature as well as the likes and other such features, you can also count YouTube in the list of the social networks. Also, when you’re looking at the video social networks, you would realize that YouTube is the largest media website and therefore the largest media social network which you can come across.

5. LinkedIn:
If you’re looking at the LinkedIn, it is used by the professionals as well as the companies on a regular basis.

That is why, if you’re looking for a professional social network, this is one of the perfect options for you.

So, when you’re looking for the top 5 social networks, you have to look at these 5 options and once you’re able to look at these 5 options, it becomes easier for you to understand which social network is used for which purpose.